Welcome, to the Norwex journey.

This Little Cloth has changed millions of lives… how will it change yours?

This blog is about the many ways that This Little Cloth can improve your life every day! Here we explore ways to save time, save money, earn money, improve health and the environment… all with This Little Cloth and the company that it inspired over 15 years ago.

My Norwex journey began 13 years ago when a friend invited me to a Norwex party. Like many people I know, I attended the ‘cleaning party’ to support my friend. I had no intention of purchasing anything, and certainly didn’t forsee a career with Norwex! Boy, was I wrong! As the girl at the party began to describe the cloth and it’s many uses, my eyes were opened to the possibility of an easier, healthier way to clean my home. As a busy teacher, keeping my home clean could be a struggle, so I was very excited to try this amazing little cloth that promised to cut my cleaning time in half. When I got my products home to try them for the first time, it was clear to me that this was about so much more than cleaning. Norwex is a line of products that need to be in every home!

I wanted everyone to know about a NEW better way to clean without chemicals, so I launched my career as a Norwex consultant. Within a year, I was the top seller in North America. Now, as one of the biggest income earners in all of North America I am happy to say that I have a richly rewarding career with Norwex. There are very few jobs that allow the freedom to have unlimited earning potential, ability to set own hours, average pay of $75 per hour. As a consultant, I get to make a difference by contributing to the health of people and our planet, all while saving people time AND money! Not to mention the rewards this business offers with the people I meet and the lives that are forever changed by this wonderful opportunity. Most people on my team have never sold anything before and have said that if it wasn’t Norwex, they wouldn’t sell anything else. It is simply our belief in the product that drives us, and I am sure you will feel the same way once you try it. If you are anything like me, you have to BELIEVE in a product or you would not think of using or selling it. I guarantee you, you will love Norwex products and so will your friends. Call me for a risk free trial of our products. I will send you a free Info kit and let you be the judge. 877-883-2186 or Julie@JulieVermette.com.