Bjorn Nicolaisen

It all started in 1994 when Bjorn Nicholaisen was promised that this little cloth would easily and effectively clean the bugs off his windshield. It worked so well, that he decided to invest in the new technology; Eidsvoll Miljoprodukter was born, and an environmentally conscious cleaning line began to form. Fast forward 5 years to 1999… Gerd Doroschuk receives a cloth on a trip to Norway and brings it home to Canada, introducing it to her friend Debbie Bolton. Like Bjorn, Debbie immediately sees the potential that this little cloth holds. This super fine microfiber cleans so effectively that it removes over 99% of bacteria when used properly with only water! The ramifications are incredible. Not only does this little cloth clean exceptionally well, it eliminates the need for toxic cleaning chemicals and cuts cleaning time in half! Here is a product that ought to be in every home in the world!

Debbie and Gerd travel to Norway to meet with Bjorn, and all agree that this little cloth needs to be sold in North America. Since Debbie has a background in direct sales, a business plan is decided upon, and a new easier-to-pronounce name is adopted. Norwex stands for Norwegian Experience, and pays homage to the heritage of our product line.

Today, Norwex can be found in countries around the world, and continues to expand.